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by | 22nd, August 2002

‘BRITISH men are cold and incapable of expressing their feelings. But don’t take our word for it, ask any American actress – they never seem to shut up about it.

Perhaps Heather would like to take a look under the bolwer hat

Last week it was the turn of Gwyneth Paltrow, who memorably starred in Shakespeare in Love, the story of a tongue-tied, semi-literate Englishman who found it impossible to express his emotions until he met the gorgeous pouting American. Now Heather Graham is on our case.

Graham recently starred in From Hell, in which she becomes the victim of Jack the Ripper – another buttoned-down, zipped-up Englishman who kept his feelings bottled up and never allowed his anger to get the better of him.

The Express reports that Graham, who has dated ”a few” Brits, believes that when it comes to emotion, they are the dregs at the very bottom of the barrel. ”It is hard enough to get men of any nationality to speak about their feelings but with British men it is impossible,” says the actress, who has clearly never watched daytime television during her visits to these shores.

”I know it is a stereotype to call British people cold but I really do find when it comes to emotions men are of the stiff upper-lip school of thought.” Anorak decided to put the Graham-Paltrow theory to the test, and went to Peterborough, where we asked a cross-section of passers-by if they had difficulty expressing their feelings.

Pictures of the interview can be seen on the front page of all the tabloid papers this morning. The man pictured just to the right of the ROT IN HELL! banner summed up the general feeling of those we spoke to. ”*$%@ ”*% *&)£ #~/ &*”@$£!!” he screamed, pausing only to draw a trembling forearm across his foam-speckled mouth.

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