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Job Done!

by | 22nd, August 2002

‘MORE evidence that Britain’s men may not be quite as coy as our American friends would have us believe. The Star reports that Subbuteo, the table football people, are to introduce a ”hooligan set” of tiny figures for acting out pitch battles.

Could Kendo be an Englishman?

Meanwhile the Express tells a disturbing story about wrestling legend Kendo Nagasaki, who sounds foreign but in fact has one thousand years of Anglo-Saxon blood coursing through his veins. The paper says Kendo has been ”resorting the same bully boy tactics that he used in the ring” by tearing down the ivy on his neighbour’s house.

We don’t remember ivy-tearing featuring prominently in Kendo’s ring-craft, but neither do we doubt Angela Randell’s claim that ”He’s making our lives hell”.

Perhaps if he’d had the benefit of a spell in the army, he would have a bit more self-control. Today’s Sun proves instructive in this regard, as it tells of former soldier Allan Hale, ”who won the NATO medal in Bosnia but was later court martialled over a bar brawl”. If we wished to be picky, we could debate whether one ”wins” the NATO medal or simply receives it for turning up for work.

But we don’t want to distract from the story, which provides an excellent example of the discipline and mental toughness that comes from a British military training. The paper shows CCTV footage of Hale headbutting a complete stranger in a McDonald’s restaurant (element of surprise), then kicking him in the head as he lay unconscious (efficiently finishing off the job). At no time did Mr Hale indulge in any unseemly display of emotion.

The Americans may sneer, but it was that sort of no-nonsense approach that made this country great. Good to see that some people are keeping the tradition alive.

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