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Britney Speared

by | 23rd, August 2002

”’I SMOKE, I drink and, yes, I’ve had sex. But who cares? It’s none of anybody’s business.”

That innocent look is not fooling anyone

These are not the words of a typical male high school dropout but of pop starlet Britney Spears. Britney, who has not a single GCSE to her name, has risen to fame on an unpolluted wave of clean-living girlish fun.

But now, in an interview with People magazine, reproduced in the Mail, Britney says that her virginal image was just that – an image. And one the chanteuse is keen to rid herself of.

The Express also takes a look at the People article and notes how Britney’s home life is not apple-pie perfect, with her parents having just split after 30 years of marriage.

But the Star spots the real juicy bit,s hearing how La Spears’ crush on Brad Pitt almost got her hospitalised. Camped outside the actor’s home, Britney was so overwhelmed to catch a glimpse of her heartthrob that she fell off the bonnet of her car and hurt her knee.

Fully recovered, Britney realises that the now-married Brad is out of her reach and that she needs to look elsewhere for her man. And the lucky guy gets to smoke and drink to boot.

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