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Snapping Out Of It

by | 23rd, August 2002

‘THERE are many ways to approach Michael Jackson’s nose. Iconic object, medical curiosity, aesthetic statementÂ…

Is his nose out of joint?

One thing we can all agree on, however, is that it is a delicate creation, and should be handled with care.

Its fragility was demonstrated at one of Michael’s recent concerts, when he accidentally yanked off a nostril, sending it flying into the lap of a lucky fan in one of the front rows.

No doubt such items are available for sale on the internet to those in the know. So it is disturbing to read in the Enquirer of an incident during a lunch that Jacko recently had with singer Denise Rich and a group of assorted music moguls.

”His eyes were rolling back in his head as if he was totally out of it,” says ”an observer”. ”The only way of getting his attention was to snap your fingers in front of his face.”

Can this be true? Surely the last thing one should do when dealing with the King of Pop is snap your fingers in his face. This kind of thing could trigger a facial avalanche, with eyelids, nostrils, lips and earlobes all over the shop.

No, the correct way to elicit a response is to approach slowly, and whisper, ”Mr Jackson, ET will see you now”. Jacko’s eyes will then roll back into their correct position, and sparkle delightedly.

He should then be lifted carefully, placed in his perspex bubble and rolled gently away, taking care to avoid any steep bumps in the carpet.

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