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Just Good Friends

by | 23rd, August 2002

‘AFTER so many years of watching the same characters pulling the same facial expressions and demonstrating the same annoying idiosyncrasies, you’d think that the appeal of Friends would have worn off by now. The love affair might have cooled, but it hasn’t died yet. And if you’ve been tempted to stray, tonight’s episode (Channel 4, 9pm) will remind you what you liked about this show in the first place.

Rachel finally tells her dad who the father of her child is and, predictably, he’s not impressed. Deciding to confront Ross about how irresponsible he’s been with his genes, he turns up at his apartment just as Ross is getting up close and personal with his new date, Mona.

Ross’s patented looks – confused, panicky, concerned, earnest – all get a workout as he tries to placate both the grandfather of his unborn child and his rather desirable date.

Meanwhile, Monica is being racked with guilt about not letting Chandler have a stripper at his bachelor’s party. Being Monica, she’s not able to just put it behind her and get on with things, so she hires what she thinks is a stripper for Chandler’s gratification. But, typically, things don’t quite go according to plan.

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