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Caught In The Web

by | 29th, August 2002

‘GOOD news comes in the Mail this morning – 1.7 million people have visited the Targeting Fraud website, part of a multi-million pound campaign to catch ”benefit cheats”. News is that 11,802 suspicious cases were reported and 2,734 were considered strong enough to be ”accepted for action”, of which 673 were investigated.

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As a result, four people were prosecuted. We calculate that each of these prosecutions cost £3.75 million, plus the additional expense of the court case. And that, we think you will agree, is money well spent.

However, the Conservatives beg to differ, and we suspect that the Mail supports their view. ”These figures are devastating,” says Tory work and pensions spokesman David Willetts. ”They show very clearly that the Government’s over-spun initiatives have no real effect on the level of benefit fraud.” There’s no pleasing some people, it seems.

First an intensive investigation shows that there are just four frauds at work. Then they are prosecuted. Then they are left to rot in a gibbet. It’s all very well for the Tories to carp from the sidelines, but what’s their alternative? A deafening silence ensues.

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