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Peacock Shows Off His Bird

by | 30th, August 2002

‘SHE’S had a rough time recently, what with her baby being born blind and her having a cancer on the end of her finger, but we are happy to report, courtesy of the Star, that Jordan is in love.

What tanning salon worker could resist?

Not just with fame, either – for the paper has a picture of her with Matt Peacock, ”the hunk who has put a smile back on the face” of the besotted, if pneumatic, glamour model.

And we can safely say that 19-year-old Matt, who works in a tanning salon in his native Stockport, is the perfect gentleman, as well as the envy of his mates.

”They were totally in shock when they found out,” he says. ”They had pictures of her on their walls and took them down to be respectful to me – but I told them they didn’t have to.”

It’s little touches like that which, we’re sure you would agree, mark out a gentleman of true class…

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