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Rooms For Rent

by | 30th, August 2002

”’WANNA SLEEP IN MICK’S BED?” enquires the Enquirer, above a picture of the wrinkly rocker.

Man of mystique with a place on Mustique

Er… not really, no, but what is the relevance of this line of enquiry? It’s news because Old Rubber Lips is renting out his ”fabulous six-bedroom oceanfront villa on the isle of Mustique” for the very reasonable price of between $13,000 and $16,000 a week.

Other stars currently offering their beds are Randy Travis ($9,000 – $12,000), Jane Seymour ($23,000), and Harrison Ford and Sting (no prices provided).

Or for those on a more modest budget, there’s Brad Pitt’s crash pad, at the South Central Homeless Community Center, which is free to all those able to prove hardship.

(NB: beards will be inspected for food particles as part of the rigorous means-testing door policy.) ‘

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