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It’s The Pitts

by | 30th, August 2002

‘THE celebrity guests just keep on coming in this series of Friends. In tonight’s episode, the cosy gang is celebrating that all-American holiday, Thanksgiving, and Monica has invited one of her old high-school chums along for some turkey.

His name is Will Colvert and, back when Monica was roughly around the same size as Vanessa Feltz was before she got intimate with her personal trainer, he was the only one at school who was even fatter than she was.

But, in an ugly duckling scenario that ought to be a lesson to all of us, Will Colvert has really blossomed. In fact, he looks like Brad Pitt. Because he is Brad Pitt. Yes, Mr Jennifer Aniston is finally working with his wife.

Thankfully, this episode was filmed before Brad started growing the unkempt beard that could manage to make a yeti look nude, so we’re still able to appreciate the extent of his transformation from overweight loser to international sex god.

The twist is that, at school, Will was the founder of the I Hate Rachel Greene Club, whose other member was Ross. The humour is supposed to come from the fact that Will hates Rachel, even though he’s married to her in real life. Isn’t it, like, so ironic?

The lovebirds pull it off quite successfully, which is why they call them actors, we guess.

Friends is on Channel 4 at 9pm.’

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