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Otherwise Engaged

by | 2nd, September 2002

‘ROMEO Beckham, Roy Keane’s elbow… One way or another, Manchester United are hogging the front and back pages this morning. Even Keano’s dog gets a look-in, as punters queued to pat her in a Dublin bookshop, unaware that they were the victims of a TV hoax.

Another close shave for Edwards

With so much to choose from, it’s sad to see that a serious paper like the Daily Mirror should choose to go rummaging around for skeletons in United’s cupboard. But rummage they did, and they’ve come up with a sequel to their recent story about club director Martin Edwards.

Last week, you will recall, the former United boss was quizzed by police about allegations that he peered under a cubicle door in the ladies’ toilets at the luxury health club Mottram Hall in Cheshire. Now the paper reveals that this isn’t the first time he has been accused of such things. Indeed, his behaviour at the Posthouse Hotel at Haydock Park racecourse eventually led him to be banned from the establishment.

His modus operandi – now known as the Edwards Manoeuvre – was simple. He would sit at the same table each time, just next to the ladies’ toilet, then slip in at an opportune moment. No doubt he thought his surreptitious visits were discreet enough to avoid detection, but in fact the hotel staff were well aware of his little game. ”We used to come on duty and say, ‘Is he here? Has he been in the loos yet?”’ reveals one worker, who asked not to be named. ”There’s obviously something wrong with him for him to do this sort of thing,” added a senior colleague.

Edwards was not available at his home in Cheshire, but we are informed that he will be questioned by police at his convenience. Or at a public convenience, if he prefers.

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