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Thatcher’s Children

by | 2nd, September 2002

”’GLASS ceilings? I **** ’em.” That, to paraphrase Ray Winstone, seems to be the attitude of today’s up-and-coming career women. The Mail reports that the ”Noughties Woman” rejects the female stereotype and ”out-lads the lads” in the office.

”I do so love a true blue movie”

Of course, the Mail manufactures so many contradictory female stereotypes itself that it would be impossible to live up to them all, but here they are concentrating on the pernicious type who ”said that being ‘very confident’ in work and social situations made them happy”.

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, a third of those surveyed said that they regularly read erotic fiction and watch pornographic films, while almost half said they would be ”quite relaxed” going to a lap-dancing club.

A terrible state of affairs, you will agree, but not half as worrying as the name chosen for this new phenomenon: Thatcher Syndrome – after the Daily Mail’s very own patron saint.

Blue films? Strip clubs? Mucky books? Whatever can it all mean?

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