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It’s A Knock Out

by | 4th, September 2002

‘THERE was a moment in I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here which saw the script thrown out the window, burnt, and then defecated on by the local jungle wildlife. And it came when Nigel Benn offered comfort to a woman on the verge, Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

Police release pictures of what Tony Blackburn is believed to have been wearing when TP-T took him on her treasure hunt

The thing is that no-one could understand what either of them were saying. TP-T was crying for attention and the boxer was showing his tender side by mumbling something in her ear.

Something like ”If you don’t put a sock in it, I will” was not it, although had it been Christine Hamilton and not Nigel Benn with Tara it might have been.

Because Tara had been rude to Christine. She had sworn at her. She had also sworn at Darren Day. But aside from those rare moments of rationality, Tara’s behaviour was becoming more and more desperate.

Everyone was supposed to be looking at her. And everyone did. And Tara, as miracles would have it, became better, the clouds of gloom lifted, the sun began to shine and all was well.

And then Ant and Dec rocked up and told Nigel he was going home. Nigel said something, but once again we didn’t really understand.

But at least his lisp managed to put the fire out. Which after the rule that says how TP-T must be ignored is the most important thing for campers to remember.

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