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Style Without Class

by | 4th, September 2002

‘IF Tara does return from her ordeal by chastity, it will be to a different Britain. The Mirror carries the distressing news that many top-class goods are losing their snob value because too many ordinary people are buying them.

”But they are Gucci!”

The under-£32,000-a-year brigade – they do exist, we are reliably informed – have apparently targeted items such as Burberry clothes, Remy Martin cognac, Chivas Regal scotch and personal products by Givenchy and Christian Dior, thereby diluting their cachet.

But, Tara, fret not. Help is at hand in the shape of market analyst Andrew Russell, who has come up with a simple solution – simply raise the prices on these prestige items until poor people can no longer afford them.

It may cost the rich a bit more in the short term, but we think you’ll all agree it is a price worth paying to ensure that there will never come a day when any old oik can wander around in an Armani shell-suit.

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