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Morris And The Minors

by | 5th, September 2002

‘BUT what would war mean for the inhabitants of this island? Would our transport system crumble? Would our hospitals be unable to cope with the numbers of ill patients?

”Tony Blair’s behind you…”

Would our farmland become poisoned with the fall-our from millions of diseased animals? Perhaps. But for now the biggest threat is to the nation’s schoolchildren.

Having been kept off school while the Criminal Records Bureau checked their teachers’ records, the same schoolchildren are now heading back to class with many of their teachers as yet unapproved.

As the Telegraph reports, teachers are now allowed to teach at the ”discretion” of the head teachers.

The Government’s too swift reaction to the threat of paedophiles in our schools means that some teachers have been checked and some have not.

But don’t worry, because the latest news from the Government is that children being sent home from school were at more risk on the streets than in a supervised class, even if sir is a lag formerly known a ‘Fingers’ Malloy.

But the best part is that played by Estelle Morris, the humanoid lettuce that passes itself off as the Secretary of State for Education.

Smiling out from the Independent’s front page, in a way that could invoke violent thoughts in the most ardent dove, readers are forced to return to the hawkish Telegraph to hear the woman speak.

She calls herself a ”customer” of the CRB, and a ”very dissatisfied customer” at that.

”I will be asking questions,” she adds.

As will we. Such as: how does something so simple as checking records turn into another utter shambles – or polenta, as Tony might have it.

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