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Roller Disco

by | 5th, September 2002

‘THERE’S nothing worse than inconspicuous consumption. Discreet, old-money grandees, Jurgen Klinsmann tootling around in an old VW… Makes you sick doesn’t it?

Spirit Of Ecstasy prepares for a bit of car surfing

If you’ve got it flaunt it, we say. So we are pleased to hear that Richard Strudwick, who is described by the Sun as a ”show-off”, rounded off an evening of high spirits at the Grasshopper pub in Surrey by jumping up and down on his Rolls Royce Silver Shadow and shouting ”This is mine!”

Not only that, but he had performed handbrake turns and wheelspins, not to mention driving the car on two wheels.

He rammed the manager’s motor, then fell out of his own vehicle while trying to do the same to a police car. Then the driverless Roller smashed into the pub’s frontage.

When arrested, Strudwick claimed it had been in the wrong gear. For some reason, it was the ”This is mine!” business that seems to have caused offence.

At Guildford Crown Court, prosecutor Constance Briscoe did not try to hide her feelings as she described how Strudwick got on the car roof and jumped up and down.

”He was showing off,” she said, and a murmur of disapproval spread around the courtroom.

As yet, there has been no mention of Strudwick blowing cannabis into a policeman’s face. The case continues.

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