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End Of The Day

by | 5th, September 2002

‘TONY Blackburn must be a worried man – stuck out in the Australian jungle as the only male with the insatiable Tara Palmer-Tomkinson (as well as Nell McAndrew, Christine Hamilton, Rhona Cameron) for company.

One of those Days

Darren Day last night became the third D-lister (and third man) to be thrown off I’m A CelebrityÂ…Get Me Out Of Here, but he couldn’t leave without delivering a few bitchy remarks aimed at his former friend.

”I don’t begrudge anyone being successful, as long as they are there for a reason and as long as they actually have a talent to warrant them being there,” he told the other contestants – without a trace of irony.

What Nell McAndrew (famous for having breasts), Christine Hamilton (famous for having a husband) and Rhona Cameron (famous for not having a husband) must have made of that is anyone’s guess.

But what of Day’s own talent? Aside from serial dating soap stars, we suppose he could always be relied upon to bring a smile to the faces of all those toothless crones who like their Cliff Richards with a touch of stubble.

Unfortunately, as Darren is just finding out, they make up only a fraction of the British population. A welcome return to obscurity beckonsÂ…

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