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Into The Lion’s Den

by | 5th, September 2002

‘WHEN it comes to immensely stupid drunken pranks, this outdoes stealing garden gnomes by far.

After going on a 12-pint drinking spree with friends in Cornwall, Scott Donlan broke into a zoo and tried to feed stolen ice creams to the lions.

Donlan, 19, raided the ice cream stalls at Newquay Zoo and pushed them in a wheelbarrow over to the lion enclosure where Ronnie and his mate Connie were sleeping.

When keepers turned up the next day, they found melted Cornettos pushed through the mesh of the lions’ den.

Police were alerted and arrested the teenager, who admitted burglary, after following a trail of ice creams and lollies from the zoo. He was fined £350. ‘

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