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by | 9th, September 2002

‘MOST of us suspect that there is more than one Saddam Hussain. The stand-ins pose and posture, while the real deal is out of town, living it up as a Saddam Hussain celebrity double at the Sands casino is Las Vegas.

Early strain of TB

And so it is with our very own TB. While Tony Blair talks to George Bush, a new TB entertains the troops. And, in reply to his hearty salutations, we salute ”Hi, guys” to Tony Blackburn.

For the original TB (TB1) it must be like looking into a mirror, as Tony Blackburn (TB2) beams out from the Mail’s front page.

The rent-a-hair is from the same range, the grin is uncanny and picking Australia for the photo shoot pays more than passing nod to Blair’s love of the jet-set life.

The only thing is the woman in his arms, and in his face. That’s not shy, demure Cherie but Tory girl Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.

The Sun explains what’s going on, splitting its front page in two, with TB1 on one side (To Saddam: ”Your time is up.”) and TB2 on the other (”I don’t believe it…I’m just delighted.).

And when TB2, who has just won I’m A Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here!, says ”It’s Tarzan-tastic mate!”, we begin to think. Why not send old radio DJ TB2 to the Gulf in place of TB1? It might just be the wake-up call Saddam’s been dreading.

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