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Confession Booth

by | 9th, September 2002

‘TELL any TB it’s for chari-dee and watch them sit in a vat of baked beans for hours.

Downing Street guards had orders to shoot this man on sight

Tell TB3 that he can get in a good dig at his enemies and, most likely, make a few bob as he does it, and hear him spill his guts to the Mail.

TB3 is Tony Booth, who just like TB1 is wont to do can be seen in the Mail proper sidling up to Cherie.

But this TB is the ”father-in-law from Hell”. He’s ”crude, rude and indiscreet”. And over the next few days TB3 will be revealing the ”secret life” of Britain’s first family and the ”bitter private battles” at the top of new Labour.

And for a taster, Tony recounts a tale of a dinner date chez TB1 on the night of the 1987 General Election. Having turned up to the family house late, TB3 popped out to have cigarette with his daughter Lauren.

And they spotted a red light pricking their jackets. ”I had watched enough action movies to know what that red dot means – the night sight of a gun,” writes TB3.

Was Cherie, an ardent non-smoker, going to, er, smoke the smokers? ”I could just make out two figures in the bushes.” No! Surely not TB and Cherie…

But rather than telling the aggressors that the tax on cigarettes does much good for the national coffers, Tony ”called out that we were family, not foe”.

But that was then, and now he wants to tell us all about it.

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