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Farewell, Kate

by | 10th, September 2002

‘AAAAHHHHH!!!! Sorry, readers, but ever since OK! began to insert its Hot Stars section into the middle of the magazine proper, the pages routinely flop open on some less than lovely things.

The Undead

You might bury David Gest and Liza Minelli (and looking at him, it seems someone has tried) but they can pop up and shock us with no warning.

But we’ve quickly turned the page, and having gazed at a shot of Gareth Gates in Paris with win-a-date winner Alicia Cunliffe, we’re now feeling balanced and able to go on.

And we do exactly that until we come to Kate Lawler. Make that Kate Lawler, Emma Chard and Jo Oates. Like an Atomic Kitten tribute band, Kate and her equally dark-rooted blonde pals offer the world their best sides as they welcome OK! aboard a boat.

And, no, although Kate has made many millions from her Big Brother win and is friends with the mega-famous Duncan from Blue, the yacht is only a loan, and after the high fun on the high seas are over, she has to give it back.

But not before she and her crew have strapped on some shorts with the word ”Hot Shots” written on the back. And Kate has pulled on some other shorts with ”Soccer Stars” written on the front.

And then she tells the world that someone called Spencer, with whom she has a ”brother-sister thing going on” (Kate: ”I really fancy him and always have done”), calls her ”Buttmonkey”.

Which is Spencer’s way of ”being totally horrible to me in the nicest way possible”. Which is not even trying. How about just ignoring you. Let’s see if we can all do that…

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