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On The Homefront

by | 10th, September 2002

‘ONE man who already has children who call him dad is Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen.

Anyone would be proud to call Laurence ”dad”

No, it’s true, and to prove it OK! has been along to see the little loves actually admit on camera that Laurence is their papa.

For the occasion, Laurence dresses in refreshing white, and then wears a pink and blue shirt to dance and skip on the sands near his Cornish cottage, where he lives with his wife.

Yes, wife, as in woman who has his children. And there she is, snuggling up to her man. And then they’re off, to clamber aboard Laurence’s boat, The Geisha Boy.

But soon it’s back to an evening round the fire, while she reads stories and Laurence prepares for his show, Homefront. Which is something we couldn’t make up…

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