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Brains Before Beauty

by | 11th, September 2002

‘WE know it will be fatuous, thin on content and full of speculation, but there is still something captivating about a show called Liz Hurley’s Brains.

”Divine Brown’s got nothing on what goes on inside my head”

Some of what little we know for sure about La Hurley is based on her career. She has been in some bad films, and some terrible films; she’s been the face of Estee Lauder; and she once wore a dress held together by safety pins.

Some other information is based on her private life. She dated Hugh Grant for too long; she got pregnant by a man called Steve Bing, who, as luck has it, is stinking rich; and she likes to go to Oscar-night parties with Pamela Anderson.

And in spite or all that, she sets herself up as the embodiment of the classy, sexy British femme fatale.

Only Liz is from Basingstoke.

And getting from Basingstoke to Hollywood must be down to something more than picking the right boyfriend, having someone pick out the right dress and picking the right father for your child.

So could it all be down to her brains. Could it?

Liz Hurley’s Brains is on Channel 4 tonight at 9:00pm.

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