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New Moon Rising

by | 12th, September 2002

‘WITH World War III just around the corner, perhaps it’s worth considering a move to somewhere quieter. And where better than another planet?

”It looks familiar – I just can’t quite place it”

The Moon would be nice, but it’s a bit too accessible for our liking. So we’re moving to the other one, the new Moon that has just been discovered by Bill Young.

The Sun reports that Bill discovered ”Moon No 2” while doing some sort of routine survey of the skies (and certainly not while enjoying a sly peek at his neighbours).

He noticed an unusual planet passing over Mrs B’s roof, and adjusted his telescope to observe it more closely.

Having established its existence to his own satisfaction, he reported his find to the boys at NASA, whose fancy equipment had somehow failed to pick it up.

”This must have been captured by the Earth’s gravity this year because otherwise it would have been detected much earlier,” said a spokesman, in a steady, confident voice.

So that’s cleared up the new moon. Now, what about the million-ton meteorite just behind it?

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