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Kindergarten Cops

by | 13th, September 2002

‘WITH Ian Huntley not due back in court for a while, there comes news that we trust will keep the baying mob that followed his every move intact.

”What are we protesting about today?”

The Sun reports that Detective Constable Brian Stevens, who read a poem at the service to mark the lives of Jessica Chapman and Holly Wells, has been arrested on suspicion of child porn offences.

He and one other police colleague have been arrested following an operation that targets users of US pay-per-view websites.

It’s the kind of story that were it not in black and white would have the mob foaming in outrage that such a thing could be made up.

”Where are these journalist sickos who pass this stuff off as entertainment?” they ask. ”Hang them!” ”Kill them!” ”Maim them!” scream the mothers and the children they fight to protect.

According to Sun, Stevens visited a website that contained pictures of children as young as five.

And if that doesn’t get you on the first train to Cambridgeshire for a day out with the kids, then the Mail’s news that the children were ”as young as a few months old” should.

But before you go, ask yourself whom you are travelling with? That train driver looks a bit shifty, and what business is it of the ticket inspector if your child is under sixteen, a ”minor” as the twisted pervert puts it.

And, in any case, not all the teachers have been given a clean bill of mental health by the Government yet, so what irresponsible parents are even sending their children to school in the first place?

Safest just to call everyone a paedophile. That way the children will retain their innocence for a little while longer.

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