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by | 13th, September 2002

‘ABUSE against the young touches even the upper echelons of our society, and so it is that the Star features Gareth Gates in a heart-wrenching piece entitled ”Day I Met Mr Nasty”.

Gareth’s hair was lethal at close range

But this story doesn’t start on a bus ride to school or in the pet shop. It begins on a sunny day at the Pop Idol TV studios.

And in Gareth’s own stammering words it sounds all the more painful.

”I sat there waiting my turn,” says Gareth. ”I wasn’t really talking to anyone. I was listening to what everyone was saying – and all they were talking about was this nasty guy who was on the judging panel.”

And when young people began to stream from the audition room in floods of tears, Gareth began to worry. He worried so much that he began to stutter, and when he was called up, he took 20 seconds to even say his name.

But, whether out of fear or fortune, he sang, and when he had finished the nasty man leaned forward and said: ”You’re going to London. Well done!”

But Gareth returned to tell his tale, albeit slowly, and Mr Nasty went to America to see some more eager-to-please young talent.

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