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Camberwell Carrot-Top

by | 13th, September 2002

‘OTHER children just learn from their parents, and not all of what they learn is good.

”Psst. Got any smack?”

So when the Express writes ”Harry does a Diana”, we peer through our fingers over the banisters and fear the worst.

But the Diana he’s doing is not a tumble down the stairs nor is he sharing a bed with the playboy son of a wealthy Arab. What he is doing a la Diana is working with the ”sick and needy”.

The Prince turns 18 on Sunday, and in readiness for the big binge, he chose yesterday to attend a young offender’s football programme at West Ham United.

Soon schooled in the best way to hotwire a car and turn one ounce of cocaine into three, Harry went to Kid’s Company, a charity based in Camberwell, South London.

And the Mail says that while he was there a ”teenage boy” was marched off the premises after rolling a cannabis joint.

And Harry? Well, he was looking forward to his party, and lashings of fizzy pop, jellies and whatever his new mates care to bring along.

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