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Caught Out

by | 13th, September 2002

”’TECHNICALLY, the only sexual assault that has taken place is upon my client,” argued Craig Hilton Bell’s counsel, ”though clearly at his own request, and we therefore request leniency.”

Bell’s unusual case prompted the judge to acknowledge the mitigating circumstances, having heard how he had committed an estimated 300 offences while pretending to have been injured by a cricket bat.

Under pressure of losing his job at the Commonwealth Bank, Bell discovered that he could only become sexually aroused if his testicles were fondled by a woman.

To this end he made appointments with female doctors all over Queensland, asking them to examine his testicles. Complaints were made after he became ”visibly aroused” during one examination.

”You are the first person in the history of Queensland ever to be convicted of procuring a sexual assault against himself, and for that reason I have decided not to pass a custodial sentence” said Judge Michael Forde. ‘

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