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Hurray For Harry

by | 16th, September 2002

”’MANY Harry Returns,” declares the Star, and we can only concur. For the ginger prince is now a man, and a nation rejoices. But not for the new Prince Hal the dubious pleasures of the Rattlebone Inn.

Tired of waiting for Harry ‘The Eighth’ to turn up, Rattlebone Inn regulars turned to booze

For like his Shakespearean namesake, he has put his hellraising days behind him, in favour of nobler pursuits. No wild celebrations for him. No siree.

”My father offered me a birthday party at home, but I turned it down,” he reveals. Instead, the paper reports, he spent ”an uneventful day relaxing with Prince Charles”.

And like a ”magic eye” picture, you can stare at those two sentences and see whatever you like.

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