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by | 16th, September 2002

‘TOP 10 lists are so popular with TV producers that it is only a matter of time before we are given a programme: ‘Top 10 Top 10 programmes’.

Ten top reasons to go out in the evening…

Like ‘I Love 1973’ and its friends, it is an easy (and cheap way) to repackage archive footage, normally interspersed with some kind of banal commentary.

In the case of the ‘I Love …’ series, this consisted of a number of ‘talking heads’, most of whom were utterly unrecognisable even with their name and claim to fame spelt out on screen. In fact, their sole qualifications for the job seems to have been being alive in the year in question and saying ‘yes’ when asked.

Anyway, back to tonight and Channel 5’s offering to the Top 10 genre is Britain’s Top 10 Heists. Expect the normal favourites to be there – the Great Train Robbery, Brinks-Matt and the foiled attempt to steal the diamond from the Millennium Dome.

Don’t expect to see the biggest robbery of all featured – how TV gets away with recycling all this old material and selling it back to us as new.

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