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by | 17th, September 2002

‘DID you know that in 1996 children ordered chips three times a week from the school cafeteria? And did you know that an ”amazing” 17 out of 22 kids say they enjoy school dinners?

Caviar – a new entry on the favourite school dinner list

And did you also know that while the average price of a school dinner is £1.56 a day, parents give their brood an extra 77p to buy sweets, chocolate and fizzy drinks.

If you didn’t know anything, don’t worry because you now know the truth; and if you did, then well done you for reading the Mirror.

And courtesy of that paper we all learn that ”curry ousts chips as kids’ fave nosh”.

And before the Mail can run a story on how that’s because one in two of our children are of Asian origin, we note that the little gourmands also love pizza, burgers, pasta and, heaven’s above, roasts.

And the sensation doesn’t end there as the paper says that for dessert children like to eat ”cakes and buns”.

They also like sweets, but anyone seen giving them these will be exposed by the News Of The World and then shot.

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