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The Good Old Days

by | 17th, September 2002

‘THE Times indulges in a little harmless nostalgia today, as it looks back on the days when public schoolboys got their kicks swinging truncheons at the heads of striking ”workers”.

”Oi, common people. Tristram here’s got a joke for you…”

”The interest from the public schools in encouraging participation in the countryside march calls to mind a previous occasion when livelihoods were at stake and the country’s famous educational institutions rushed to be a part of the action,” muses the former paper of record.

”Spending a few days as a ‘scab’ worker during the 1926 General Strike was one of the most fondly remembered rites of passage for those just emerging from an expensive education.”

Having scrutinised this article carefully, and noted its appearance on the page 2, under the heading ”NEWS”, we confess that we are mystified by its appearance, given the complete absence of any discernible news content.

Delighted and entertained by this agreeable morsel, as all those of good breeding will be, but baffled nonetheless.

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