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Who would have Gest it?

by | 17th, September 2002

‘WHEN Liza Minelli walked down the aisle with 113th husband David Gest in March, she looked (in the estimation of no lesser authority than the National Enquirer) ”radiant”. And the magazine has a picture of the diva with her mouth closed to prove it.

The cracks were beginning to show as long ago as March

But such has been her gruelling schedule since her nuptials that photographs show a completely different Liza. The first thing to strike you is that Liza now has her mouth open – a clear sign that the strain is taking its toll.

The second thing that is apparent is the legend ”…and the strain is taking its toll” – also recognised as an early sign of stress.

The third thing that keen-eyed observers will notice – and this is the clincher – is the caption. Where Liza had been radiant as recently as July, she is now stressed-out – and that can only mean that she is already fighting to save her six-month marriage.

The Enquirer puts on its poshest frock and books the table next door to Liza at a New York restaurant to eavesdrop on her conversation with one of her husband’s friends.

What followed can only be described as a bitter ”spat” which ended with Liza leaving in tears and with her mouth well and truly open.

But amazingly (and despite this public row between Liza and an unnamed person) friends suggest the marriage can be rescued.

”There was a kiss and make up scene between Liza and David that very night,” a friend says, although without specifying which one was doing the kissing and which one was wearing the make-up.

”All David has to do to keep Liza happy is cut her a break and stop running her like a racehorse.” It sounds so simple…

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