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by | 17th, September 2002

‘IF only it were that easy for Brad Pitt to keep Jennifer Aniston happy. The Enquirer reports on the ”cheating secret” that is wrecking the Hollywood golden couple’s wedding.

Brad took to wearing a false beard to escape his wife

Not ”secret cheating” you notice, but ”cheating secret” – and the secret is that Jenneifer doesn’t want her husband to cheat on her.

At one point, she went as far as declaring: ”I’m frightened of infidelity.”

Little wonder, therefore, that Brad has just about had enough of all this nagging.

On one occasion, his wife even flew to a movie set where he was filming, so consuming is her fear.

She has been known to hold his hand in public and sometimes even link arms to prevent him from running off with the first woman he meets.

When they are at home together, Jennifer insists on sleeping in the same bed as her husband so she can check up on him throughout the night.

A source close to the couple tells the Enquirer: ”Everyone can see that Brad adores Jennifer – everyone but her. Having to constantly reassure Jennifer is starting to annoy him.” We don’t blame him.

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