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Too Much Information

by | 17th, September 2002

‘HAVE you ever wondered whether Linda Barker is a bath or a shower person? Of course you have. And now, here’s OK! to provide the eagerly awaited answer.

Linda wonders what shade of eyeliner to put on

”Are you a bath or shower person?” it asks, bold as brass. And the ”beautiful ‘House Invaders’ star” doesn’t duck the question.

”I usually opt for a shower because of the time factor,” she replies, ”but when I can I love to take a long bath with scented oils and candles.

”My bathroom is pretty fabulous – I’ve got a huge oval bath, bang in the middle of the room, with Jacuzzi jets, and, once you’re in it, you don’t want to come out again.”

There’s more, but we must press on. ”Do you spend time on your nails?” asks the magazine, with a hint of implied criticism.

”I wish!” retorts Linda. ”They’re shocking, but it’s impossible to keep them looking nice when I’m working with hammers, nail guns, and jigsaws, which are all terrible for the nails.”

But elsewhere the report is more favourable. She ”likes being tall” and finds that her visits to Charles Worthington’s hair salon in Percy Street are ”a real pleasure”.

She has ”no problem” with plastic surgery either – ”if you feel you need it”, that is. Not that she does, of course.

”I’m more aware of my lines than I used to be,” she admits, ”but they don’t bother me at the moment.”

Nor should her legions of admirers be too concerned either, for she reassures us that if it gets to the point where the wrinkles do become a problem, then she ”might do something about it”.

Comforting words, we’re sure you will agree.

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