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Alpha Test

by | 18th, September 2002

‘MARGARET Cook, the former wife of bearded heartthrob Robin, ”has been studying ‘the nature of power, sexuality and government”’, according to the Telegraph. And we have to admit that, judging by the accompanying picture, she’s looking well on it.

Robin gets ready to shake his fishing rod in a really nasty way

With her casual ethnic T-shirt, youthful hairdo and sunny smile, she looks like a woman without a care in the world. But the conclusions of her study, which has taken her the best part of three years, are of an altogether darker nature.

Based on a detailed examination of the lives of Mao, Hitler, Kennedy and others, she has come to the conclusion that men are bastards.

This, of course, was the message of Margaret’s last book, which detailed the break-up of her marriage to the ginger sex-machine, and, as the Telegraph comments, she ”appears to be warming to the theme”.

Male leaders, she contends, fall into two categories: alpha male gorillas who impregnate as many women as possible, and those who channel their aggression into sabre-rattlers.

And then there are those who grow beards, go horseracing and get off with their secretary. ”I think he was trying to fit into the first type but with varying degrees of success,” says Margaret of her former hubby. ”He is definitely not a sabre-rattler.”

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