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One Of Us?

by | 18th, September 2002

‘BRIDGET Jones had her own theories about men, of course, and she wasn’t averse to the occasional bunk-up with a powerful man. But not just any old world leader, though.

Is David ready to settle down with Mr Right?

”Tony Blair is the first Prime Minister I can imagine having voluntary sex with,” she confessed after Our Leader’s 1997 election victory – a day greeted with cries of ”Hurrah!” by the most irritating fictional character of the past decade.

One might conclude that Tony and Bridget deserve one another, but shadow Work and Pensions Secretary David Willetts begs to differ. In his view, expressed in today’s Independent, Bridget is ”one of us” (a Tory) because she yearns to find a man and settle down.

Now, far be it from us to comment on Mr Willetts’ private life, but isn’t he being a little short-sighted here? We’re all for the Conservative Party’s new ”come one come all” attitude to sexual diversity but we’re not sure that it is necessarily the solution to their current electoral difficulties.

All the same, we hope Mr Willetts finds his man, and a safe seat in which they will both be comfortable.

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