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Dirty Fowler

by | 18th, September 2002

‘THIS week Mark Fowler bade farewell to Albert Square as he set off on his motorbike in his blouson style leather jacket, all his worldly possessions in a single bin bag. Luckily he doesn’t have far to go though, as I gather they film ‘Grange Hill’ on the next set.

The scriptwriters did their usual trick of completely changing someone’s personality within the space of an episode and turned Mark into a potential rapist when he attacked Lisa for sleeping with Phil. Which is about as likely as Sonia saying no to seconds at dinner.

Lisa fled to Phil (the man she shot) for protection and he and Peggy were only too happy to take her in with open arms. ”We’re a proper famaleeee now,” cackled Peggy. Well yes, in the same way the Krays were a ‘family’.

But this week’s Relate Award for Marital Specialness has to go to Sadie and Tom. After failing to win Tom back by dressing in Sharon’s clothes (well there’s a surprise), Sadie went one step further and decided to hold Miss Piggy hostage.

Sharon wasn’t unduly worried though as she reasoned that she had plenty of body fat to keep her going should she be in for the long haul. Tom and Ian turned up, just as Sadie was about to throw herself out of the window – probably to escape this ridiculous storyline, but Sharon, turning into Claire Raynor (let’s face it, she’s only a couple of years and pounds away), managed to talk her out of it.

Tom drove Sadie off to her parents’ house and unfortunately I fear it’s the last we’re going to see of the gap-toothed loon. And Walford will be a poorer place for it.

The good news though is that Trevor’s set to reappear shortly. Billy goes looking for him to ask him to divorce Little Mo, so that he can marry her. Billy proposed to Little Mo by spelling out ”Will you marry me?” in Alpabetti Spaghetti. It’s a good thing he wasn’t proposing to Janine, she’d have wolfed the whole tin down without even drawing breath.

Janine is less than pleased about Billy and Little Mo’s relationship and is trying to split them up by pretending that Trevor sent Little Mo some flowers. All this has done though is give Billy the idea of tracking him down to ask for a divorce.

Unfortunately for Billy, he does find Trevor and as usual, Trevor reacts in his calm, sensitive way by putting Billy in hospital. But Billy only has himself to blame because, as everyone knows, you don’t go anywhere near Trevor without being armed with a small electrical item.

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