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by | 19th, September 2002

‘AT least when this Government comes a cropper, it has the guts to say so.

”Pass the tea, please. There’s a good chap.”

And it doesn’t hide things either, bravely choosing the cover of the Express to say ”please get out” to ”bogus” refugees.

Having failed to send the boys and girls of Kosovo and Afghanistan home by force of law, Home Secretary David Blunkett is employing the rules of decency.

How can a simple ”please” fail? If these freeloaders have learnt noting else from their stay in Blighty’s finest detention centres and sink estates, they will have learnt the value of a simple ”please” and, perhaps, a ”thank you”.

So as Osman asks ”Please can I stay in your country?” and Ali says ”Thank you for having me” as he boards the plane home, the Mirror hears Blunkett’s response.

”We are freeing countries… and making it possible for them to get back home and rebuild their counties,” he says.

Quite so. They might not have money, cement or bricks and mortar, but they now have manners. And above all things that is what makes a country great.

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