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Maid For Pleasure

by | 19th, September 2002

‘BUT what if your love knows no price? Well, then you look for other ways to show your love for your other half.

Cooks, cleans, irons. Maid’s uniform optional. $5/hr

You could do what Mike Myers did and wipe your computer’s hard drive of the mountains of porn that seem to have infected it.

”I’ve been spammed,” said Myers by way of defence as wife Robin breezed into his computer den.

But if erasing your valued collection of adult erotica is not for you, how about inviting your paramour into your perverted world?

Kinky sex is best when it’s backed with love, and it’s working for J-Lo and her current man tied to the bed with a nappy on his head, Ben Affleck.

Reports in the Enquirer say that J-Lo and Ben like nothing more than playing maid-and-master sex games.

Which role goes to whom is not revealed, but rumours abound that to get in part, Ben has been hiring himself out as a $5-an-hour cleaner.

Those lucky enough to hire kinky Ben are advised to make him use his own rubber gloves and keep him well away from the Hoover. And if you don’t, on your head be it.

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