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Would You Adam ‘N’ Eve It?

by | 19th, September 2002

‘WHO’S that giving Hello! a revealing interview ”about marriage, compromises and the dramas of shooting their film”?

”Lawks, me Brad Pitts are spillin’ out”

Why, if it isn’t Guy Ritchie and his trouble and strife, Madonna.

Cor blimey, guv’nor, it looks like they’ve been avin’ a Leo Sayer in the battle cruiser. Madonna’s so Schindler’s, she can’t even Hackney Grand – what a two ‘n’ eight, innit.

So what’s the Jackanory? Turns out Guy’s been watchin’ the old ball ‘n’ chain avin’ a Melvyn Bragg with some uvver geezer. But only dahn the dolly mixtures. Lor luv’a duck!

Wot’s that? Guy’s in the Christopher Hitchen, sortin’ out some Bernhard Langers for the bin lids. Turns out he’s a bit nifty with the old Count Dracula.

Wot a Charlie Ronce, innit!

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