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Screen Test

by | 20th, September 2002

‘IF most of us would flunk our A-levels if we had to take them again, how do you think we would fare in our driving test?

”Congratulations, Ms Morris. You have passed.”

It’s nice to know that we will never be 17 again, especially with the Times reporting on a new innovation in the driving test – a virtual exam that tests students’ awareness of potential hazards on the roads.

The 15-minute test uses film footage of a woman running across the road to catch a bus, a lorry turning off a busy highway, lollipop ladies shepherding schoolchildren across the road etc.

Predictably, the Times correspondent failed miserably, scoring a pathetic 12 out of 25.

Transport Secretary Alistair Darling, who admitted that he had had a practice run, got a much more impressive 21/25 (and, consummate politician that he is, only knocked down those who were too young to vote).

However, the winner was Estelle Morris, whose score of 11/25 equates to 97% – and an A-grade. Congratulations! A seat in Cabinet awaits.

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