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by | 20th, September 2002

‘REGULAR readers of Anorak will remember how we brought you news of eccentric road markings appearing around the country, including a yellow line that curved around a traffic cone and a white line that kept a perfectly straight path across the prostrate body of a dead badger.

North Lincolnshire Employee Of The Month – August

Now we bring news of a new sighting, and one that may explain some of the earlier phenomena. ”ELF WORKER” announces the Sun. ”Lad aged 9 lays road for council.”

And there are pictures of the young man, with his face pixelled out to protect his identity (and who can blame him if he is signing on too?).

The boy is seen walking along the street, weighed down under his tools, which doubtless obscure a rolled-up copy of the Beano in his back pocket.

He chatted to motorists who were held up by the roadworks in which he was engaged, and one of the drivers rather unsportingly took the photographs that the Sun has now published.

”The lad was working his socks off,” said the man. But don’t worry, he’ll soon grow out of it.

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