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by | 23rd, September 2002

‘THE hunt goes on – for Milly Dowling’s killer, if not for foxes, with the distraught parents of the 13-year-old vowing not to rest until ”the monster responsible for this ghastly crime” is brought to justice.

He’s loving Rachel instead

However, the Star is interested in a ”crime” of a significantly less ghastly nature – and it knows the person responsible.

”Robbie: I Ditched Nic For Killing My Baby” is the front-page headline, with the Robbie in question being Mr Williams, formerly of Take That, and the Nic being Ms Appleton, formerly of All Saints.

The paper claims that the relationship between the two popsters dies the day she decided to abort their unborn baby.

A pal tells the Star: ”She took his child away from him and he cannot forget that. The relationship was never the same after that, a terrible wedge was driven between them by that selfish decision.

”People say their hectic commitments and his boozy lifestyle drove them apart, but the reason was the abortion.”

Nicole Appleton claims that it was former All Saints manager John Benson who persuaded her to have the abortion at a private New York clinic.

Band mate, Melanie Blatt, who was also pregnant, refused to have an abortion, but Nicole finally caved in – a decision that cost her Robbie’s love.

”The abortion must have symbolised everything he hated about how this business can control your life,” she writes in her autobiography. ”It so overwhelmed me that he had lost his child. I wanted to weep and weep.”

What, then, must the parents of Millie Dowling be feeling right now?

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