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by | 23rd, September 2002

‘IT’S lucky for the London-based celebs on show that the countryside marchers decided to ramble in London and not, say, in Ludlow or Taunton.

”Sorry, guv. Your ticket expired two minutes ago.”

And if the Sloane Rangers wanted to return the favour, they would have watched Seth and Jethro park their tractors and then told them in an empathetically rich comedy West Country burr: ”You can’t be paarkin’ thar, mate. That be what we calls a residents only paarkin’ bay.”

Before adding a hearty ”Ooooo-Ahhhh” to give added credibility to their Barbour and green wellies.

And had they been further up on the rights of London’s by-ways, they would have told the visitors, as the Times tells us, that motorists who fail to pay Ken Livingstone’s £5 daily toll for driving into London’s heartlands, and have been sent three or more £80 penalty notices for non-payment, will have their cars impounded.

And that’s legislation that could see yet more people marching on London – as thousands of disgruntled office workers, forced to leave their cars, take to the streets – because the buses are full, the Tubes are bursting with backpackers and the pavements are covered in dog, horse and fox crap.

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