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Fruits Of The Forest

by | 23rd, September 2002

‘BUT what’s that growing up from the ground? Why, it’s a pseudotrametes gibbosa. Now, if we could just reach down and pick it up…

Fungal felon caught in the act

Ooer, here come the law, reaching out with his long arm to grap us by the collar and ask us to show our license to hunt…mushrooms.

Yes, that’s right, mushrooms have rights too, and although they might not complain and go on fancy marches, they are living things that demand respect.

And so it is that the authorities who run Epping Forest in the north-east of London, have declared that foragers can only pick the 1,2000 species of fungi that grow in the area on one visit per season.

Says Tricia Moxley, information services manager for Epping Forest: ”Licensing gives people a chance to indulge their passion in a controlled way.”

Because without control where would be? Out of control, that’s where. And that is no way to live.

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