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Rock The Kass Bah

by | 23rd, September 2002

‘HANDS up all of you who went to the Elvis Does Vegas party at the Kass Bah? So that’s everyone.

”Know who I am yet?

But since you all went in costume it is hard to see who is under all that makeup and strap-on hair.

At a push, we’d say that the painted boiled egg over there is Tamara Beckwith.

And unless we are very much mistaken (and, boy, are we never make mishtakes), that’s Kelly McGiness, head of production at Fox, although it could be Elizabeth Turner, who temps at Sky? Hmmm, they do look sooo alike.

And hello dear, dear Slim Jim Phantom and if it isn’t our old mate Peter Golding.

And, wotcha, Barbara Machen, looking wonderful as ever. You must agree that that is one girl who knows she got style.

And who’s that fat lad at the back, the one eating all the cheeseburgers and saying how he used to be famous?

Of course, it’s Jono Coleman. Great. And if you want to know who else was there, look in the phone book under Z.

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