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Jenny In A Spin

by | 24th, September 2002

‘SINCE ”damn” and ”oh, my God” are also purged from the CleanFlicks collection, chances are that the average episode of Friends lasts but two minutes in Utah’s holy backwaters.

Two world wars, you say. And how many World Cups?

So it must come as something of a shock to CleanFlicks’ customers to hear that Friends has just won an Emmy for being the best comedy series on American TV.

And the show’s Jennifer Aniston got the award for being the best actress in a comedy series.

And the Telegraph hears her speak (excerpt brought to you by CleanPapers and Anorak digital dubbing).

”Oh my goodness gracious me,” says Jen. ”Hot diggity dog. Oh my goodness gracious me. Hot diggity dog. Repeat endlessly.)

Nice speech, Jennifer, but when it comes to oratory there can be few to match Winston Churchill. And so it was that Gathering Storm, the television portrayal of Churchill’s ”wilderness years”, won three Emmys, including a gong for Albert Finney’s performance in the lead role.

Enthusiasts can watch the Utah version, in which the celery chomping former librarian takes on the world at crown green bowls – and wins!

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