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by | 9th, May 2003

‘AFTER sacrificing her credibility with one of the most staggering U-turns ever seen over the war in Iraq, Clare Short’s Cabinet career could soon be at an end.

You still here?

This morning’s papers suggest the International Development Secretary is facing the sack – not for opposing the Government on a point of principle, but for playing hookey.

The Telegraph says Tony Blair is under mounting pressure to fire Short after she failed to turn up for Wednesday night’s crucial vote on foundation hospitals.

Officials in her department claim that she got in a muddle over the timing of the three-line whip vote.

‘They said she had wanted to be there and had fully intended to support the Government,’ it says.

However, the Guardian agrees that her ministerial career is hanging by a thread after she also missed yesterday’s Cabinet meeting because of a ‘competing engagement’.

It apparently clashed with a particularly good episode of Trisha yesterday.

One senior Labour source tells the paper: ‘Yet again by her own actions, Clare Short is making it very easy for the Prime Minister to remove her.

‘The hangman has opened the hatch – and she has acted as judge, jury and executioner.’

Also missing from yesterday’s Cabinet meeting were Gordon Brown (who sent a note from his mum) and Alan Milburn (who hadn’t brought his proper kit).

David Blunkett was given a detention for not having done his homework and Jack Straw was told off for pulling Tessa Jowell’s hair.

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