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Waive Goodbye

by | 9th, May 2003

‘GAZA is probably not high on most people’s list of holiday destinations – and the latest move by the Israeli army is hardly going to boost visitor numbers.

‘What d’ya mean ‘strip’?

According to the Guardian, it is now obliging foreigners entering the occupied territory to sign a waiver absolving the army of blame if it shoots them.

Visitors, it says, must also declare that they are not peace activists.

Tom Hurndall, a peace activist, was shot in the head by an Israeli soldier in Gaza last month and is now in a coma with severe brain damage.

His crime? Trying to protect a small child from gunfire.

Another Brit, cameraman James Miller, was killed in a Gaza refugee camp – almost certainly, according to an autopsy, by an Israeli soldier.

The British Government is demanding a criminal investigation into both shootings.

In the meantime, the indiscriminate shooting of Palestinians continues. They don’t even get to sign waiver forms.

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