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Bad Faith

by | 9th, May 2003

‘MANY men of Adam Faith’s vintage – he was 62 when he died – have need of drugs and potions to make them vigorous and enduring when entertaining a young lady, or the wife.

Who needs divorce – when you can just get him a much younger girlfriend

But not Adam Faith, who stayed as rock solid as a mighty oak and twice as stiff as Prince Charles after a date with his 22-year-old lover Tanya Arpino.

For Adam, as the Sun says on its front page, had died. Rigor mortis, nature’s very own Viagra, was to set in, and Faith was to be buried.

The details of what induced Faith’s fatal heart attack are not given in full, and the Sun just allows itself to say that ‘heartbroken’ Tanya was in the ageing popstar’s hotel room when his ticker gave way.

‘It was like watching a horror movie – but you can’t switch it off because you’re in it,’ says Tanya, who may also have been unable to get up and put the kettle on.

The Star shares the story of how ‘TV Adam Faith died romping with babe, 22’.

And it is tale that Mancunian singer Mick Hucknell would be well advised to take heed of as the Sun brings the rather unpleasant news that the ginger crooner is dating a 17-year-old schoolgirl.

A photo of could-be killer Claudia Kinsey is provided. She looks harmless enough – but who knows what pain she will being Mick?

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